What questions should be asked before hiring a VIP security firm

What are the Important Questions to Ask to Judge Competency of a VIP Security Firm?

Security is a concern for VIPs and as such you need to utilized services of a competent security services provider to ensure there is no lax in security of VIPs. You will be able to hire the right firm only when you ask right question to determine whether the company has required experience to meet your requirements.
Let us explore some important questions you should ask to judge the competency of a security firm.

Questions to Ask

Vip security servicesFew of the important questions you will have to find answers for before appointing a company providing VIP security services are:
• What proof the security company is able to provide about successful completion of tasks it would perform?
• Does the VIP security services provider has required stability with a track record of long term success? Can the company provide references of some of their satisfied customers? How much experience do they have in this field?
• What measures will the security company take to ensure all required tasks are performed as required?
• Are the security personnel working for the company getting paid legally? (If not, it will be a red signal indicating security personnel does not have required eligibility to perform his or her work legally due to immigration status problem or because of any type of criminal record).
• Does the VIP security services provider perform pre-employment and drug screening tests to ensure all security officers have desired level of competency?
• Does the company hold commercial liability insurance (this ensures you do not incur any partial or full liability for acts of security service provider)? Is level of coverage adequate for the type of security you require?
• Is the company providing worker's compensation to all of its security officers (this type of insurance ensures that you are not held liable for damages or injuries occurring over your property)? Can they provide proof of the same?
• Will there be a service contract? Can you see a copy of the same before signing it? Is there a confidentiality contract? Are all security personnel working for the firm vetted?
• Is the firm offering VIP security services ready to provide discounts for long term contracts?
• What type of qualification and experience security personnel have who are working for the security agency?
• Do you provide security services for overseas travel your principal would require?

Questions to Expect

Few of the questions a VIP security services company may put forward are:
• What is your perceived level of threat?
• Will it be necessary to liaison with police?
• What type of security you are looking for, overt or covert?
• Do you have any health problems?
• Are there any language preferences?
• For how long do you require security services?

Bottom Line

To conclude it can be said that you need to be aware of what to ask to determine if a security firm will be able to provide desired level of security to VIPs. 
By making the right selection you will ensure that the security firm will have required expertise to cover all related aspects.

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